Layne Beachley, Steve Irwin and Self Defence in Manly, WHAT THE?


12 Nov Layne Beachley, Steve Irwin and Self Defence in Manly, WHAT THE?


I had a secret weapon/helper in Layne Beachley, yes THE Layne Beachley on the weekend. The Founder of the Aim for the Stars Foundation joined in the KYUP! workshop at the Manly Community Centre. The day started with a few technical glitches and I had Layne – literally by my side, helping me sort through power cables. At one point she smiled at me and said ‘Mel, just breathe’. Well, I had to laugh because I thought I was looking pretty calm but my calm and Layne’s calm, clearly look very different!



We all know I am high octane at the best of times. I can’t drink coffee or my head would fly off and it’s been said I can reach Steve Irwin heights of excitement when I am in the zone. Well, I went there friends! Layne and the girls in the back-to-back KYUP! workshops powered through with me and the result; a room full of fierce-warrior-ninja-girls-and-women with shiny, smiling and energised faces.

I am told there were plenty of personal safety stories shared on the way home between the mum’s and daughter’s and that’s my definition of success. Well that, and a well executed corkscew from someone pulling your hair!

A huge thank you to the courageous, strong girls and women that came along. KYUP! GIRL POWER! I LOVE YOU! Gratitude to the behind the scenes crew – Anona and Angelique at the Manly Community Centre, Mr Glenn Chandler at Seek and Design for the amazing creative design you all keep asking me about. Mr Dave Gibbons local video legend. Anna and Mel from Northern Beaches Hapkido, Manly Daily and Peninsula Living for spreading the word and My Aim for the Stars Foundation family, notably the incredibly supportive Layne Beachley. If you’re interstested in hosting a dynamic KYUP! workshop in your community or at your school email

Love, Mel



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