It’s a trust thing.


06 Jul It’s a trust thing.

In 2013, Layne Beachley and Aim for the Stars Foundation awarded me a business grant to start KYUP! Project. Since then I have worked hard to make my voice heard. You may have read an opinion piece or a guest blog? Seen my social media posts and there was even a god awful radio interview I kept on the D/L … who knew radio-fright was a thing? I can laugh about it now, just!
Sharing, talking and writing publicly about family violence and my personal experiences has afforded me a position of trust I hadn’t expected. I set out to empower girls through the basic principals of self defence and self worth but now women, girls, boys and men trust me with their secrets. They share their stories of abuse and trauma and you should know, I’m not talking about stereotypical rambling homeless people or deranged drug addicts.
Quite the opposite, from conscientious and quiet students to grandmothers, fathers, executives, models and mums. They call and email and write because they want to trust in someone, they want faith and you know what? So do I.
That’s why I said yes to a feature documentary with Producer Rani Chaleyer from The Feed on SBS. My story airs on Monday night at 7.30. It’s deeply personal and it’s real. Once again, I find myself way out of my comfort zone and scared of judgement and ignorance but I trust my gut, this feels right. So, it’s cliche but I am stepping over the fear because if one woman makes the choice to leave her abusive spouse or one violent father reaches out for help then I am one step closer to the mission.
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