Empowering Australian's to raise their standards and champion their safety and wellbeing.

It is my mission to empower every girl in Australia to be strong and confident.

Mel ThomasFounder KYUP! Project

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Corporate Workshops

A fun, safe and practical approach to boosting self-esteem.


School Workshops

Prepared not scared – specialist workshops to keep our kids safe.

Stronger Than You Think

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Australia's premier violence prevention & empowerment program for teen girls

At KYUP! Project, we believe just like you don’t need to be a lifesaver to know how to be safe on the beach, you don’t need to be a black belt to be safe on the street.

Our self-worth and self-protection programs and workshop offer a fun, safe and practical approach to boosting self-esteem and replacing fear with confidence for all ages and physical abilities. No matter a person’s size or strength everyone will be able to fully participate.

Meet Mel Thomas

The driving force behind KYUP! Project

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