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What is the KYUP! Project?

The KYUP! Project is a unique Australian self defence initiative for everyone from age 12. Founder, Melanie Thomas is proudly supported by The Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation 2013.

KYUP! Sessions empower and inspire participants to go beyond reactive fear and move into tough-minded, cool-headed and strong-hearted action.

KYUP! Girls and women learn how to think, be aware and have a street-smart mindset to combat physical, mental and emotional self defense with real life scenarios and real life tools.

Kyup! A funny little word with amazing power

Watch any martial arts movie or go to a martial arts class and you will hear and feel the power of KYUP! Pronounced "key-up", loosely translated it means to shout.

However KYUP! is much more than a word. It's about energising your core and preparing you for a challenge. It encompasses your spirit and helps focus your determination. You don’t need to be a ninja to access KYUP! Everyone has it and we want to show girls all over Australia how to use it.

KYUP! Founder & Presenter – Mel

Melanie Thomas is a mother of two young girls, writer, speaker, media commentator and self defence advocate with 13 years martial arts experience in Hapkido, the Korean art of self defence. Melanie held the title of Australian Hapkido Woman of the Year 2005 and is actively involved in the martial arts community.

With a compelling story as both – victim and instigator - of teenage bullying. Melanie has risen above dramatic circumstances of domestic abuse and poor choices as a younger woman to become an advocate for self defence, self preservation techniques and personal safety awareness.

Mel is a proud 2013 grant recipient of The Layne Beachley, Aim for the Stars Foundation

Self Defence Tips: Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

In all KYUP! Project Workshops students learn simple, easy to understand Self Defence Techniques to help in unsafe situations.