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Community workshops

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KYUP! Project partners with community organisations to deliver specialty workshops for girls and women nationally.

Using relatable examples of real-life scenario - such as public transport, public places and parties - girls and women learn to:

  • Replace fear with confidence
  • Trust their instincts and make smart choices
  • Use the power of their voice to defuse dangerous situations
  • Get away from a situation that doesn’t feel right
  • Fight back when needed
  • Break the cycle of violence


“When we underestimate girls, they underestimate themselves.”

Our most recent workshop for Westfield Warringah Mall brings together local dads and daughters for 2 hours of superpowers and an unforgettable bonding experience.

In the session Mel will share strategies, techniques and tools from her ‘stronger than you think’ series. Topics include:

  • power of your voice. say what you mean, mean what you say – managing disclosures of safety and well-being
  • tune into intuition – trust your gut for empowered decision making
  • self worth principles – know your worth and what makes you worth protecting
  • self defence basics – proven techniques to boost confidence and discover you are stronger than you think.
By the end of the session our dads and daughters will break through limiting self doubt and break through a real SMAI martial arts wooden board.